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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take class 1 or 3 training with a graduated drivers licence?

No. you must be 18 years old, and have a minimum class 5 licence. You can however take an airbrake course with a graduated license.

What do I need for class 1 training?

You need to get a medical for a commercial driver on a Government of Alberta form, which your doctor should have.

You then need to complete a written knowledge test at a registry. The books required are available by following this link:http://transportation.alberta.ca/531.htm After this you need to purchase a class one road test permit.

How long will class 1 training take?

The training is based on 2 hours a day, so a standard 30 hour course could take about 15 days Special arrangements could possibly be made to spend more time in the truck, and finishing sooner (conditions apply)

Do I need a medical for a class 3?

No. You need a medical for class one, two, and four.

Why should I take RV Training?

Most people tend to drive their recreation vehicle usually 3 - 4 weeks a year. The problem is their recreation vehicle is bigger and heavier than the family car, so they handle differently in wind, accelerate and brake differently as well. It is important to be safe and confident behind the wheel.

How difficult is it to back up a trailer?

If you have never backed up a trailer, it can be difficult at first. However the longer the trailer, the easier they are to back up. No matter if the trailer is a small utility trailer, or a 53 foot semi trailer the procedure is exactly the same, and can be mastered with practice.

I may want to drive a highway coach instead of a truck, what class license do I need?

A class two. However a class one license will allow you to drive a bus. If the bus has airbrakes you will need a class 2Q.

I was told I need a special license or endorsement on my license to drive my diesel pusher motor home, is this true?

Not in Alberta. Saskatchewan and BC require special training and endorsements according to the size and weight of the unit, but Alberta has no immediate plans to require training. You will need to get a Q endorsement if it has air brakes.

My Diesel Pusher Motor Home has air brakes, do I need a "Q" endorsement?

Yes. any vehicle equipped with air brakes, you must have a Q endorsement.

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Established in 2007 as a company providing information and lessons strictly relating to trailers and RVs, we have grown over the years to provide Air Brake Courses for the general public, RV dealers, and fire departments. We now offer class 1 and class 3 driver instruction providing the best training delivered by instructors who are not only trained instructors, but have first hand experience in the industry as over the road operators.

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I TRAIN U offers a variety of truck, trailer and RV training courses in the Edmonton and Northern Alberta regions. We provide driver instruction for Alberta Class 1 and Alberta Class 3 licences, as well as RV Training and Air Brake Courses that can accommodate your company or organization.

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